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Director: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton
Dave Foley
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Kevin Spacey
Phyllis Diller
Hayden Panettiere
Genre: Family

For a movie as technical and computer-generated as "A Bug's Life," who better to review the film than one of CitySearch's premier techies? Jennifer Frickell, a UNIX system administrator deep in the bowels of CitySearch, has a job so complicated that even I don't understand it, and I'm a pretty smart guy. Anyway, Jen was invited as a special guest of Pixar to the screening of "A Bug's Life" up in Silicon Valley, and I'll paraphrase her review: "First off, I got to meet David Foley (voice actor for the character Flik), who looked pretty good with a giant fake daffodil stuffed down his jacket. Let's just say that Steve Jobs throws a pretty good party. The animation in this movie is amazing—it kicks "Antz"'s ass. The number of polygons is not substituted for image mapping. Apparently a special treatment was added in RenderMan (a program used to create the movie) for the insect's wings, causing the translucent parts not only to reflect light, but to absorb it as well. The storyline is aimed at children, of course, but it is also quite amusing for the adult, with some jokes for the more mature thrown in—much like you had with Toy Story. Children will adore it, as will anyone who loves animation at its best. There were no boring or slow parts (or so I think, I might have been distracted by the pretty colors). Definitely stay through the credits as there are really funny outtakes (seriously)!"

Thank you, Jen. There you have it. And no, I don't know what "The number of polygons is not substituted for image mapping" means either. Have fun!

—Ian Williams

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