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Director: Griffin Dunne
Meg Ryan
Matthew Broderick
Kelly Preston
Tcheky Karyo

When astrophysicist Matthew Broderick is dumped by his New York-bound fiancee (Kelly Preston), he treks to the big city to set up an elaborate spying contraption to research her new life and new French lover (Tcheky Karyo). Enter Meg Ryan, who has been dissed by said French man, and you've got a movie that's part "Rear Window," part "When Harry Met Sally" and a huge dollop of Revenge Fantasy.

Like most unrealistic farces, the movie doesn't work when you stop to think about it—how does Meg Ryan know how to bug an apartment? Where did she come from, anyway? How can Matthew Broderick afford to quit his research job for a month of spying? And if the movie's central theme is "you can't help who you love," why does the lead character vacillate so much?

A better question is, "who cares?" Funny, honestly irreverent and full of little touches that are gone as soon as you notice them, "Addicted to Love" is absolutely adorable (assuming you consider that a compliment). Meg Ryan plays against type, this time with success, and Matthew Broderick has a bit of his Bueller-ish charm back as the astronomer with a twisted eye for detail. A good break from airplanes exploding, this is the one to see when the other crap sells out.

—Ian Williams

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