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Boy oh boy oh boy. How does something like this slip through the cracks? At any point in the movie making process, someone—like a dolly grip or a best boy or something—could have reared their head and screamed, "what the HELL are we thinking?" and saved all of us a lot of trouble.

Tom Everett Scott stars as an American traveler trying to impress his frat friends by jumping off the Eiffel Tower with a bungie cord. Of course, Julie Delpy is there too, and he saves her life when she tries to commit suicide. I was going to try and describe the rest, but it's so confusing, pointless and mind-bendingly bad that it's hard to know where to start. It involves werewolves, I guess, and lots of people get eaten.

Bearing zero resemblance to the funny John Landis comedy from 1981, "American Werewolf" is a lycanhropic mess, so full of plot holes and terrifyingly bad dialogue that most of us left the theater in a stunned daze. Do yourself a favor. See anything else.

—Ian Williams

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