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Director: Sam Raimi
Bill Paxton
Billy Bob Thornton
Bridget Fonda
Brent Briscoe
Chelcie Ross
Genre: Drama

Want to get yourself mired? Feel like trapping your cerebral feet in the tar of inescapable doom? And have a great movie experience while doing it? Then definitely plop down the $6 for "A Simple Plan," a haunting, altogether disturbing story that is guaranteed to have you gaping at the screen the same way you would slow down for a truck wreck on I-40.

When Billy Bob Thornton and his brother Bill Paxton happen upon a huge amount of cash in the snowy wilderness of their Minnesota prairie, they decide to keep it until they are sure that nobody is looking for it. A third friend, played with oafish relish by Brent Briscoe, is too weak to keep the secret, setting off a chain of events that suggest tragedy for anyone who gets close to the money. Even the ending, as unexpected as it is harrowing, may be too much for some of you, but recommended viewing nonetheless.

Billy Bob Thornton is just plain GOOD, people: "Sling Blade" was no fluke, and don't let his appearances in mainstream popcorn crud like "Armageddon" fool you. His portrayal of the little brother, socially retarded, sad in his wise simplicity, helpless but firm in his convictions, is the best performance of the winter. Probably not a good "first date" movie, "A Simple Plan" will stick with you all the way home.

—Ian Williams

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