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Mike Myers stars as Austin Powers, the International Man of Mystery, frozen since 1967 to pursue his nemesis Dr. Evil. Beginning with a rousing chorus number reminiscent of the opening of "A Hard Day's Night," this movie careens terrifically from parody to outright mockery. If you've seen "Laugh-In," "Dr. No" or any of the Batman TV series, you'll recognize the period touches that are absolutely dead-on (women with body paint doing "the crawl," stupid zoom cuts, frilly Sgt. Pepper uniforms). Before the movie runs out of steam near the end, it's an intelligently funny joyride, featuring Mike Myers as the playboy fashion photographer/British spy with horrifying teeth, and Elizabeth Hurley as his drop-dead cohort. Some gags take a little too long for fruition, but there are some gratuitous genitalia jokes that I liked. "Austin Powers" has an innocent, endearing and breezy quality that satisfies in a way that Wayne and Garth stopped years ago.

—Ian Williams

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