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Director: Mark Herman
Ewan McGregor
Pete Postethwaite
Tara Fitzgerald

Ewen McGregor and Tara Fitzgerald When the British suffer, they really suffer. There are times during "Brassed Off" when the characters have to go through so much personal upheaval that the movie threatens to collapse under its own weight. Good thing it's charmingly funny and full of great music, eh?

Pete Postlethwaite plays the conductor of a century-old brass band, the town of Grimley's only pride apart from the Pit (the coal mines that keep the region alive). When the government threatens to close the mine, the town begins to rupture at the seams, and the only respite from duress seems to be the sweet strains of the band, populated by the likes of Ewan McGregor and Grimley newcomer Tara Fitzgerald. When the band itself begins to disintegrate, well, that's when things get intense. "Brassed Off" is a story of lost love, poverty, cynicism and eventual redemption in a rousing finale that will have music fans glowing. Written and directed by Mark Herman.

—Ian Williams

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