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Director: Peter Duncan
Judy Davis
Geoffrey Rush

"Children of the Revolution" is a weird idea to start with, which may be one of its saving graces; the thought of an Australian Communist (Judy Davis) coming back from the Kremlin carrying the son of the freshly-dead Joseph Stalin, begs the question: what was Peter Duncan freebasing when he thought of THIS one?

Part documentary, part comedy, part dramatic narrative, "Children of the Revolution" is full of great lines, surreal plot developments and tour-de-force acting from Judy Davis—but it doesn't seem to know what it wants to be when it grows up. Losing its comedic touch in the second half, it leaves an audience confused as to how to feel, an emotion that lingers long after you've left the theatre. With F. Murray Abraham, Sam Neill, Geoffrey Rush, Richard Roxburgh and Rachel Griffiths.

—Ian Williams

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