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Director: Bob Saget
Jack Warden
Norm Macdonald
Traylor Howard
Don Rickles
Chevy Chase

Sheesh. Chalk this one up to the drudgery of the Predictably Bad—Norm MacDonald stars as a man who can't seem to do anything right except get revenge on people (filling radiators full of popcorn, pretending to be cops, etc. etc.). In order to get his "father" a heart transplant, he needs $50,000 and fast. One big revenge score ought to do it, yeah? Seriously, Norm MacDonald deserves better. He knows it, too; he hardly conceals his disdain for the awful script, instead yelping his lines out like he was caught in some sort of bad dream and couldn't wake up. Jack Warden is forced to embarrass himself as a horny old man, and everyone else limps through their hauntingly predictable setups like their eyes were already focused on the Deposits counter of their local Hollywood Bank. Fittingly enough, the few good laughs come from a largely unbilled Chris Farley, but those are bittersweet indeed.

Bob Saget directed this one, and I was somewhat hoping that he'd be a bit of an autistic savant; unfortunately, he's just autistic. He forgets to give us establishing shots, breaks most of the rules of modern storytelling, and ends the movie with the sort of wrap-up that'll have you starting your Nissan before the credits roll. Yuck.

—Ian Williams

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