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I Know What You Did Last Summer Internet Movie Database Logo

Director: Lim Gillespie

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Johnny Galecki, Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Reviewing a horror movie is a little like beating up your little sister; critically speaking, it's best to pick on someone your own size. That said, Kevin Williamson is fast making a habit of creating smart horror films, an untold gold mine for the studios if they can keep the good ideas rolling. This one's pretty good—a quartet of kids on the last day of school run over a man on a mountainous curve on the shores of North Carolina (huh?!?!). They make a pact of secrecy, fearing their futures will be threatened, and spend the next year suffering with guilt. The next summer, someone seems to know what they did, and a furious race to an explosive July 4th finish is on.

You never really know who the killer is, even with the obligatory tracking shots of red herrings along the way. The cast is terrific, with Freddie Prinze, Jr. playing the moral structure against the decidedly awful Ryan Phillippe. Jennifer Love Hewitt is the true star here, gamely screaming through this roller coaster ride of a script with a timbre that makes you believe she's serious. With nice exterior shots of Duke and some good footage of our very own kudzu-covered coastal plain, this one's a home-grown thriller.

With Sarah Michelle Gellar, Johnny Galecki, Bridgette Wilson, Muse Watson and Anne Heche.

—Ian Williams

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