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Director: David Hogan
Kennan Ivory Wayans
Jon Voight
Robert Culp
Paul Sorvino

So Keenen Ivory Wayans, decorated Marine, accidentally kills his superior officer in a Persian Gulf tussle and is given the death penalty. Just days before his execution, he is approached by weirdo government secret agent Jon Voight. Voight tells him that he can set him free, but only if he performs an assassination. But when the wrong person gets killed, Wayans gets the blame, and is in for the run of his life.

Goofy and predictable in a cute sort of way, "Most Wanted" is the kind of movie that requires a decidedly lower dose of your expectations to succeed. Get past the wooden dialogue and the clunky exposition, and Wayans' thriller is no worse than any of the Steven Seagal variety, and sometimes that's all you need on a Sunday afternoon. You can pick apart this movie like a bad order of fish and chips, but really, that would be like beating up a small kid. Save your energy for a movie that takes itself seriously, and get yourself a big popcorn. With Paul Sorvino and Jillian Hennessy.

—Ian Williams

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