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Director: Bobby Farrelly
W. Earl Brown
Helena Christensen
Cameron Diaz
Matt Dillon
Chris Elliott

Farcical comedies are almost treacherous beasts to review; try to critique something like "Kingpin" and "Dumb and Dumber" and you'll find yourself sounding a little like Butthead when he tried to wax philosophic about a Winger video. The Farrelly Brothers, who directed both of the aforementioned films, always promise to bring some of the sickest jokes allowable by law—but this time, they have also written a wonderful story, loaded it with fantastic characters, and show a little heart behind the farts.

Ben Stiller is the man who has loved Mary (Cameron Diaz) since high school; not because she's beautiful (she is), but because she's the only person who ever noticed him. 13 years and a horrific genitalia accident later, he wants to find her, and hires sleazoid Matt Dillon to seek her out. Once in Miami, Dillon sees the older Mary and falls for her too. And what follows is impossibly rich in silliness, but every scene is worth it.

If you disregard "Reality Bites" like I do, Ben Stiller makes good movies. "The Cable Guy" was vastly underrated, and "The Zero Effect" was this winter's best little surprise. He's wonderful here, playing the straight man to some of the most horrific sperm jokes ever and still coming across as hilarious. And what more can be said of Cameron Diaz? This will be her comic masterpiece, even if she dies tomorrow. One of the few actresses who doesn't care if she looks flailingly dopey, few heterosexual males will leave the theater not hopelessly in love with every ounce of azure seas in her endlessly blue eyes.

Moreover, this is a real movie. Even despite some of the amazing crudeness (I won't give anything away here, but basically, I wet my pants), there is a real soul to "Something About Mary" that puts this thing on a different plane. It's the comedy of the summer, positively delicious, the embodiment of your id, and the wonderfully rare combination of the Disgusting and the Poignant. Grab a date and GO!

—Ian Williams

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