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Director: Frank Coraci
Adam Sandler
Drew Barrymore
Steve Buscemi
Allen Covert
Ellen Albertini Dow

You know the basics: Adam Sandler stars as a faded rock singer who is left crooning at weddings in the trough of the middle '80s; Drew Barrymore is the waitress who likes him, but is betrothed to another boorish twit who dresses like Philip Michael Thomas and likes to have sex with everyone else in town. Sandler himself is left at the altar, which effectively makes him the worst wedding singer in town—and the rest of the movie is just a waiting game until our hero and heroine get together.

That said, it's such a delightful, cute little movie that even the most hard-hearted among us will have trouble denying its appeal; Barrymore is adorable as the bunny-faced Julia, warbling along with "99 Luftballoons" from a big, fat Walkman...and Sandler is just about the most "precious" leading man since, well, 1985. Any fans of his earlier oeuvre ("Billy Madison," "Happy Gilmore") might be disappointed to find that there are no jokes about urine and poop, but his transformation here is as sweet as the '80s were. It ain't perfect—the characterizations are frequently wooden cliches and the constant references to Rubik's Cubes and Kajagoogoo put the "grate" in "gratuitous," but if you lean back, listen hard and sing "Every Day I Write the Book" to yourself, you just may find your hindbrain relaxing into the only era of nostalgia most of us can actually remember. A great date movie, mark my words.

With Allen Covert and Angela Featherstone.

—Ian Williams

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