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Director: Kirk Jones
Ian Bannen
David Kelly
Susan Lynch
Eileen Dromey
James Nesbitt
Genre: Comedy

The studios are trying to sell this one as some sort of emotional sequel to last year's "The Full Monty," but the only things the same are the accents—and maybe a little male nudity. "Waking Ned Devine" is it's own wonderful beast, a delicate shoestring of a tale that manages to be both farcical and full of sweetness while never losing its Irish flavor.

It's the biggest lottery win in years, y'see, and somebody in the small village of Tulaigh Morh has won the lottery. Problem is, nobody knows who it is, and old-timey best-friends Ian Bannen and David Kelly try to devise a plan to find the winner. When nobody comes forward at a dinner party, they discover one person who didn't attend: their old pal Ned Devine, stuck away on a wuthering moor, clutching the golden ticket in a decidedly cold hand. What follows are some of the best movie shenanigans in years, and though it can sometimes be a little cloying, "Waking Ned Devine" will ultimately make you glad you took the trip to its feverish finale.

Because this is a movie about best friends, not money; community and not individuality; schemes over pomposity. Kelly and Bannen are the two characters you and your best friend will want to be in a few decades' time. Would that we will all be so lucky.

—Ian Williams

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